FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Yvonne Gittelson Continues Race for Hampshire County Sheriff - Gittelson will run as a write-in or “sticker” candidate.

GOSHEN, MA, 9/8/22 –Yvonne Gittelson will continue her campaign for Hampshire County Sheriff after coming in second in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. She will be running as a write-in, or “sticker candidate,” since stickers are often provided to voters to make the selection easier.

Gittelson won 6 towns in Hampshire County, and came in second in another 5, including Amherst and Northampton where the totals were 1,401 to 1,089 and 2,848 to 2,194 respectively. “It was clear that having two challengers running against the incumbent split the opposition vote, but when you look at the total numbers, more voters chose someone other than the incumbent. In a two-person race, that choice will become even more stark. This campaign was so compressed, with the first forum only being a month ago, that many people just did not have time to learn about the race or why choosing a county Sheriff is so important to local residents. This gives us more time to meet more voters and get the message out. We need to clarify why the status quo is unacceptable this time,” said Gittelson.

During the primary race, a number of high-profile concerns were brought to voters’ attention such as staff shortages, especially among correctional officers, the lack of access to education programming among persons in custody, the antiquated technology and infrastructure, the return of education and vocational training grant funding, questions of ethics in hiring, safety questions for staff and persons in custody, the hiring of multiple consultants, and more. “We received no satisfactory answers or possible explanations to any of these issues from the present administration. We deserve answers, and I’m continuing my campaign so that we can find out what is really going on in the Hampshire County Jail and that voters can truly decide if they have been well-served by the incumbent. I submit that we have not been,” said Gittelson.

Gittelson is the previous Education Coordinator for the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office and is now the MA Corrections Program Specialist, overseeing education programming for all the county facilities, state prisons, and DYS facilities that receive Department of Education funding. “I will bring that state-level perspective back to my county, and hopefully increase the allocation we receive from the Legislature. Hampshire’s funding is only above Dukes and Nantucket, and that is unacceptable. We can do much better in Hampshire County, but not under this administration,” she said.  Gittelson received a Master’s degree in Leadership and Management in 2021, and was chosen by Fitchburg faculty and administration to receive the Graduate Student Leadership Award. “I have a broader experiential skillset than the incumbent, and a record of vision and innovation that has been lacking. It’s also time to have a woman join the ranks of the Massachusetts Sheriffs, where 14 out of 14 Sheriffs are men. Hampshire County is ready to make history with its first woman Sheriff,” she said. The general election is November 8.

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