Why Am I Running For Sheriff? This is Why.

Although there are so many wonderful and even once-in-a-lifetime discussions every day on the campaign trail, none beat ones like this. 

While at my booth on Saturday evening at Granby Charter Days, I saw a tall, 30-something-year-old man with a BIG grin on his face come striding toward my table; he had the MOST adorable 2-year-old daughter in his arms. "Yvonne! What are you doing here?! You're running for SHERIFF?!  This is great! You'll be so good at this...thank you for everything you did for me while I was with you...I'm good...working, sharing custody of my daughter, she's my world..." and there was nothing but the purest love on his face. We then proceeded to catch up with events since we last worked together, me as his Education Program Director filling in as his teacher (I had offered to teach the Sunday class at the Pre-Release House so my teachers would not have to work on Sundays), and him as the justice-involved person in our custody looking to put that experience in his rearview mirror.  And he has. He's working full-time, taking care of his daughter as a doting girl-dad, and moving on with his life. I recall him fondly as an eager learner with an agile mind who had made some poor choices, causing him to be in our custody and allowing our paths to cross.  What a privilege it is for me to do this work, and what an honor to be remembered as the kind of person he would want to speak to, even though I could just as easily be someone he'd rather forget, along with everything else from that period. He gave me a big, warm grin, wished me luck, happily took a t-shirt for himself, and some bubbles and a deputy star for his precious girl.  This is the power of Education in Corrections, and this is why I do this work and will continue to do this work as your next Sheriff; I won't be working as a classroom teacher for those in custody, but I will absolutely put the CARE back in Care and Custody; we can do better.  #KnowYourSheriff  #EducationReducesRecidivism  #YvonneForSheriff.