The Unfathomable Every Day

My heart is broken. Again. Another horrifying school shooting. It makes me sick just to write that, and our hearts are broken.

Again. What do we say when there are no words? How do we come to terms with something that makes no sense? It was not possible to read the list of victims and not get emotional, and the list kept going. 10-year olds and teachers; smiling children and dedicated educators. This took place hours after an honor roll ceremony and celebration. One report states that the shooter was angry he would not graduate this Friday; there was an argument with his grandmother, the first person he shot. How is it even possible that it has been 10 years since Sandy Hook and we have learned nothing and done nothing to prevent something like this from happening again? That school will never be the same. That community will never be the same. Those families will never be the same. There were two sets of cousins among the 19 children. And last week it was a supermarket in Buffalo, another 18-year-old, fueled by racist hatred and purposely seeking out his victims. This is both a mental illness problem and a gun problem; this is not an either-or. It is hard to understand how and why an 18-year old is permitted to buy two AR-15 rifles, able to get into a school with them, leave 21 people mostly unrecognizable, a community shattered, and a nation in disbelief. AGAIN. Our schools should not need to be fortresses, and arming teachers is not the answer. Who have we become? We are not okay. “Living” with this and accepting it is not normal. What would it take to make the unthinkable impossible? And why are we not doing it? Yvonne