Know Your Sheriff

Hello Friends--tonight's post is going to continue on the theme of "Know Your Sheriff," the great new MA ACLU campaign to educate voters on Sheriffs and the Sheriffs' offices.

And I'm taking that a step further, with my own "Know Your Next Sheriff" campaign. Starting tomorrow evening Wednesday, May 11 at 7pm, I'm going to start doing nightly Zooms, to which I am warmly inviting you and your friends. Just 30 minutes. I'll be speaking and taking questions about any and all topics related to what Sheriffs do, such as how the Correctional/Criminal Justice system works, issues related to incarceration such as education, mental health, substance abuse treatment, and more. I'll share information about the Hampshire Sheriff's Office, why I'm running, and why I'm the best choice to bring about the change we need there. #KnowYourSheriff.