Happy Mother's Day to all!

Happy Mother's Day to all! Whether you are a Mom to your own humans, bonus humans, your chosen humans, canines, felines, or other members of your crew, all Moms deserve all the love, attention, and appreciation I hope you will get today.

As I consider the Correctional connection, I never forget that every justice-involved individual is some mother's child. It is heartbreaking to get a call from a mother to one of us on the inside, inquiring about her son in custody, worried and feeling powerless. And when someone is in custody, the whole family does time, most especially the children of the incarcerated. Since ~90% of those in custody are men, it's the Moms doing extra duty on the outside keeping things together for their children. We need to increase opportunities for families to stay connected during a loved one's incarceration so that this absence does not lead to an irreparable family breach. Increased visitation, whether virtual or in-person, regular phone access, and opportunities for ongoing family and community connection are the keys to successful community reentry and reintegration. And let us not forget that most women CO's and other Correctional staff are mothers, who need their professional duties and daily work experiences to not alienate them from their own children or make them less able to parent when they are done for the day. We can be the change we need to see in Corrections. Happy Mother's Day, to ALL mothers! --Yvonne #KnowYourSheriff