An Education Sheriff--Pt. 2

Today as part of my workday I was able to congratulate 2 Sheriffs and their Education Program Directors for jobs well-done in securing 2 sizable Skills Capital Grants: Hampden was awarded almost $300k for an arboriculture program and Bristol was awarded almost $500k for a manufacturing program.

Skills Capital Grants are for “stuff”—the materials and equipment needed as infrastructure to run those programs. DESE offers grants that pay for the instruction part of vocational training in correctional facilities, but a jail needs the equipment and materials to support truly significant programs. This is what innovative and hardworking Sheriffs and their teams do—they find a way to make meaningful programs happen, because they have a shared mission, vision, and values, and they know that education combined with vocational training saves lives, and saves money in future reincarceration costs. So this is a good week for Sheriffs Cocchi and Hodgson. And what goes on in Hampshire, home of Smith Vocational and the 5 Colleges, where we value education above all? We have an administration that RETURNED over $250k in education and vocational training grants in 2021, which actually resulted in a loss of over $500k, because they were multi-year grants. We can’t afford another 6 years of an administration that doesn’t know what to do with education grant funding; we can and need to do better, Hampshire County. #KnowYourSheriff #AnEducationSheriff #TheRightWomanSheriff