Happy 4th, Everyone!

When I was still teaching US Government and History at the High School level, we would read the Declaration of Independence and break it down.

It’s shorter than you remember, and still very powerful and beautiful. In simplest terms, it lays out a powerful argument: that we believe we all have natural rights, that we make government to protect those rights, and when government abuses those rights, we have a moral obligation to ourselves and our children to step up and do something about it. We tried to work with this King, and he didn’t listen or didn’t care. So we’re breaking away, and if we need to fight about this, we will; your move, England. Sound familiar?  Without being too dramatic here, it could be my mission statement for running in this election. We tried with this administration; and now—it's on. We can’t afford another 6 years. #KnowYourSheriff  #KnowYourNextSheriff  #TheRightWomanSheriff