Mission, Vision, and Values:

My mission for our Sheriff's Office is to serve the citizens of all the communities of Hampshire County in the safest, most transparent and accountable ways possible to ensure humane and respectful treatment for all, providing every tool at our disposal to offer opportunities for victims and offenders alike to heal and rehabilitate.  This means making sure that all who work in our system can do so with pride, and all who are justice-involved are treated with dignity and compassion.

I envision leading a Hampshire Sheriff's Office where together...

  • Communication is frequent, transparent, professional, and reliable—both inside the facility and to the outside community we serve.
  • Leadership is progressive, proactive, people-centered, and principled.
  • Staff are fully supported in doing this challenging work, for their physical and mental well-being and in furtherance of our common goals.
  • Justice-involved individuals have the tools and opportunities they need to choose options that make incarceration rare and return to custody obsolete.
  • Community members have responsive, engaged, and accountable public servants.
  • We work together cooperatively and toward the common goal of a safer and more humane, respectful community.

I value and will lead the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office with these values in all we do:

  • Openness and full disclosure; transparency. We answer to the electorate of the county and the taxpayers of the Commonwealth.
  • Accountability and quality work; the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office will be a meritocracy where hard work and professional achievements are valued and rewarded.
  • Respect for ourselves, those we serve, and the work we do.
  • Fairness and due process, restorative justice whenever possible, for our community and our staff.
  • Collaborative, focused endeavors that allow people to know that we are better together, and there is room at the table for all.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion are respected and valued.
Please join me in assembling a team of forward-thinking community leaders!