I was a two-time inmate at the Hampshire County Sheriff's Office, so I know all three candidates for Sheriff very well. I choose to endorse Ms.Yvonne Gittelson for Sheriff. She is the best candidate because of what I witnessed her do while I was incarcerated.  She was a well-respected person among the staff and inmate population because of her passion for her work, the respect for us and belief in us that she showed, and the challenges she gave to us. I have seen her around hard criminals with no security staff, just the cameras, and she is never afraid, which makes inmates and staff respect her. She is devoted to making a positive path for everyone she works with. I truly believe Ms.Yvonne is the answer for the change that needs to be made at the jail. I have seen her push for education for inmates when she had little help. She helped me get my Hi-SET (GED) when I was there, and I am proud to show my son that I finally achieved this. She pushed for inmates who are in Pre-Trial to be able to get their education instead of just sitting around doing nothing. I am over 23 months sober today and that is with the help of the tablets that she pushed for us to have. The substance-abuse programs offered on the tablets helped me a lot. The things she accomplished were nothing short of a miracle with a lot of the inmates. I hope everyone will take the time to know this woman the way I do. We need a woman Sheriff who is both nurturing and no-nonsense, and that is Ms. Yvonne.

I worked with Yvonne for several years at the Hampshire Sheriff's Office and observed her carrying out her various duties with both inmates and staff. I can attest to her true value not only as a leader but as an educated voice of reason. She views the challenge of incarceration from every perspective available and has the stamina and ability to adjust priorities to suit the myriad needs of those ready to become a positive contribution to the surrounding community, and for those entrusted with their custody. The last six years have shown us at the jail how stagnant we become when there is a failure of leadership; now it is time for a positive change with a focal point on the betterment of the future of our community.

I have known Yvonne for several years in her capacity as Director of Education at the Hampshire County Jail and House of Correction. During that time she has demonstrated respect, compassion, and caring for the incarcerated men under her care. Yvonne is committed to providing these individuals with the best education possible while working with limited resources. She is capable of leading and supervising the HSO while respectfully interacting with both Security and Treatment Staff. Her credentials are impressive as is her work ethic.

I am so pleased to endorse Yvonne Gittelson’s candidacy for Hampshire County sheriff. My experience working with her as the former education director for the jail, was inspirational. She was an exceptional grant writer and an innovative leader focused on rehabilitation. Inmates told me that she changed their lives.

In knowing Yvonne for almost 20 years, I have come to admire her intelligence, integrity, and work ethic. She is passionate about the field of Corrections and knows that change is needed. She is a warm, compassionate leader of people and a creative problem-solver who is not afraid of challenges. I know she will transform the Sheriff's Department into one where people are proud to work, and those in custody are treated with respect and dignity, which will be a benefit to us all.

I’ve known Yvonne for over 40 years and she is dedicated, judicious, and insightful. She will bring decades of public service leadership and creative, effective problem-solving to the Sheriff’s office. She knows how to meet the needs of those with differing points of view simultaneously. Hampshire County is in good hands with Yvonne.

I had the immense privilege to teach college-level mathematics to people incarcerated at Hampshire County Jail. This wouldn't have been possible if it hadn't been for Yvonne. She has the vision, the drive and the experience required to humanize corrections in our county. I am thrilled to endorse her to be our new Sheriff.

I am so delighted to endorse Yvonne for Sheriff. I have known Yvonne for 10 years as a friend, good neighbor, business owner, and local resident. Her dedication and passion for both Education and Corrections are remarkable. Yvonne’s innovative ideas for positive change within the jails are a much-needed breath of fresh air. Yvonne’s experience and knowledge in Corrections make her the perfect person to lead Hampshire County in the right direction.

I worked with Yvonne and she has always conducted herself with the utmost professionalism. I have personally seen how incredibly inspiring and effective she is, whether it's with incarcerated individuals, volunteers, or colleagues. I couldn't imagine anyone more qualified to get the job done right.

As my teacher, Yvonne inspired my interest in Psychology and validated my intuition, vision, and talent in a way that no teacher had done before or since, which is why I'm still in touch with her today. Yvonne's compassion and ability to witness individuals for who they are, as opposed to who others believe them to be, is what has made her a successful and talented advocate and administrator, and what positions her as the best choice for Sheriff in Hampshire County. I would not be where I am without her, and many others have the chance to say the same.

It is my honor to endorse Yvonne for Hampshire County Sheriff. In knowing her for over 20 years, I have witnessed her dedication to education, strong work ethic, creative problem-solving skills, and great sense of humor! We know that prison education programs lower recidivism and increase employment opportunities. As a public health professional, I know this is vital to the health of a community. Yvonne is the person that can effect change and a shift in thinking that is so needed in this difficult environment.